Veesha Scikul

"Those whackos? They used to be just a swoop gang, until you punk Jedi wannabes showed up and caused all that ruckus last year. Since then, that freak and her gang of... freaks ain't been nothing but trouble.


Template Type: Force Adept Cultist
Character Name: Veesha Scikul
Player Name: NPC
Species: Cerean
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 50 kg
Physical Description: As a Cerean, Veesha has an elongated skull, but despite this, many men on Nar’Shadaa find her quite attractive. She bears a series of tribal tattoos and, recently, she began to paint her face in honor of Ar’Akanis, the Dark Force “god” to whom Veesha and her swoop gang, the Scarabs, worship. In combat, she wields a unique vibroblade and wears skin-tight cloth armor with a matching detachable mask.
Personality: It is said among the Scarabs that Veesha was once more of a hero to them than a leader. That all changed when the gang uncovered an ancient droid that began to grant them Force powers in exchange for their faith in an ancient Dark Force god named Ar’Akanis. Now, Veesha is a cold, calculating cult leader with a killer instinct.
Objectives: To do the bidding of her god, regardless of whether she fully understands the reason for her actions.
A Quote: “Omnuvai Ar’Akanis Nasso Dantush Vahalii. Omnuvai Ar’Akanis Nasso Dantush Vahalii…”
Connection With Other Characters: Leader of the Scarabs swoop gang on Nar’Shadaa and leader of the Cult of Ar’Akanis.


A female Cerean leader of the Scarab swoop gang on Nar’Shadaa. Veesha’s men were embarrassed by Jedi Padawans Daken Rao-Kun and Erall Diggs, but in the process, she gained the notice of a powerful Dark Side Force-user calling himself Ar’Akanis. Just before the start of the Jedi Civil War, a strange and powerful droid descended into the Scarab’s Den, a repurposed warehouse in the slums of Nar’Shadaa. The droid was an envoy of Ar’Akanis, and due to a special Force Crystal embedded within the Droid, it could act as a long-distance conduit of Ar’Akanis’s power. The Scarabs became cultists worshipping Ar’Akanis, with Veesha acting as the Matron of the cult. She and the rest of the Scarabs marked their bodies and wore facepaint, listened to the ministrations of the droid, the Messenger of Ar’Akanis, and performed missions for him. Most recently, one of their missions involved the assassination of a crime lord’s infant daughter and her ritual dismemberment, followed by painting the symbol of Ar’Akanis on the face of the crime lord’s building using the blood of his own daughter. This caught the attention of Nar-Sec, who decided to call on the Jedi Order for their help in resolving the issue before it escalated into a full-scale turf war between the local crime lords.

Veesha Scikul

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