Master Sergeant Rayth Rissk



Template Type: Republic Commando
Character Name: Master Sgt. Rayth Rissk
Player Name: NPC
Species: Trandoshan
Sex: Male
Age: 38
Height: 2.2 m
Weight: 80 kg
Physical Description: Deep green scaly skin on a well muscled frame. Rayth bears a pair of tattoos, the Aurebesh symbol “Aurek,” one on each shoulder. Although he is a member of the Republic Army, he does not wear the uniform. He instead dons a set of ident-tags, taped forearms, and loose camouflage trousers. He is skilled in the use of all modern weapons, but he generally doesn’t carry anything other than a small folding survival knife on him.
Personality: Rayth has little patience for incompetence. He knows that such failures of character lead to death on the battlefield. He has seen it first hand. He, like Xan, quit the Republic Army near the end of the Mandalorian War. He did so out of respect for his former commander, but his patriotism got the better of him once Revan returned to wage war against the Republic.
Objectives: Beat the weakness out of his men, so they don’t wind up a statistic. Hopefully, one day, squeeze Revan’s neck until his eyes explode.
A Quote: “Your mother called, Private! She wants her ^x%x$@ back!”
Connection With Other Characters: Republic Commando, Veteran of the Mandalorian War, Friend and former subordinate of “Aurek” Xan.

Art by Mike Scott (Duskreign)


Master Sergeant Rayth Rissk

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