Carissa Onasi

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Heart of the Force

Story Logs
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You got away with a lot of crap as a kid, but it wasn’t until you got a little older that you started to wonder why. Your dad worked for the Telosian Security Force, your mother a member of the Telosian Council, your uncle Carth was a pilot for the Republic Navy. You seemed to be destined for greatness. You heard that so much as a kid that you started just taking it for granted when things went your way. The fact was, though, that you were manipulating the minds of those around you unwittingly, letting them see what you wanted them so see, hear what you wanted them to hear, rather than what you didn’t. Your first time really noticing this was when you returned home from school with a grade and progress report from your school, which frankly betrayed how little effort and attention you gave to your studies, and when your parents looked at it, they were thrilled at how great your grades were.

When a Jedi, an old friend of your uncle’s came to visit you, the jig was up. Your parents were raving over all the trophies and first-prize medals and special commendations you had earned, whereas he saw what was really there, an empty shelf . He tested your blood for a midichlorian count, confirming his suspicions that you were tapping into the Force and playing mind tricks on people without ever really knowing it. For your own good, your parents pleaded with the Jedi to get you into Jedi training, even if only to help you take advantage of your gifts more selflessly. After all, having a Jedi in the family was another feather in the Onasi cap.

When you found out that you were accepted to the Jedi Academy on Dantooine, you were suddenly reluctant to go through with it, and you ran away. It was your Uncle Carth who eventually found you, and after a pep talk, you were on a transport heading off-world. Suddenly, as you sat at a viewport and watched helplessly, a massive Mandalorian fleet appeared out of Hyperspace and began to attack Telos. The TSF was the first response, as well as the ship uncle Carth served on, the Endar Spire, and a handful of Aurek tactical strikefighters. You were desperate to get out there and help, but the transport had orders to get you to safety, get you to Dantooine, to your future, and to force you to leave your past behind you. However, moments before your ship made the jump to hyperspace, you saw the ship your father was stationed on explode, careen through the atmosphere, and crash into the capital city, where your mother worked.

It would be six long months before you would learn of your parent’s tragic fates. They were among the countless dead at the hands of the Mandalore. You shut down. Your instructors saw much anger and confusion within you, and their ministrations about transcending your loss and overcoming grief only served to drive you further from their grasp.

Suddenly, you were whisked away to another academy, an experimental Jedi training facility built within the recesses of a massive converted warship: The Broadsword. You learned that this was a school filled with Jedi hopefuls where they would receive their last chance to find their way toward the light. You were unimpressed with most of the other students, but one in particular caught your eye, and your heart.

Bandon Dast was a proud Jedi initiate who, up until the start of the Mandalorian War, was destined to become a Padawan learner under Alek Squinquargesimus, better known as Malak, the right-hand-man to the Jedi Knight Revan. You had an admiration for Revan and his cause, especially after Telos. Bandon agreed with you, in many ways. Though you knew that such attachments were verboten among the Jedi, the two of you began a tryst in secrecy, and in your passion, you fell further from the Light.

After a chance encounter with an odd, ancient probe droid during a piloting class in the Roche Asteroids, Bandon was injured and several startling revelations were made regarding certain other members of the Broadsword alumnus. Namely, Ven Jagt, an oddly quiet young student, was revealed to have been a Mandalorian. Ven managed to make his escape despite everyone’s best efforts, but the fact that his identity was already known to the headmaster, Master Ko’Dora Vadis, drove you even farther from the Jedi, and further into Bandon’s arms.

In an ambush by a rogue pirate, Sevanna Riis, you, Bandon, Erall Diggs, and Daken Rao were separated from the Broadsword and held for ransom. You were beaten and tormented by Riis and her droid crew until eventually, Master Vadis replied to the pirate’s ransom demands. Ko’Dora Vadis said that you and the other captured students were already too much of a liability to be considered worthy of paying any kind of ransom. Riis said that she would kill you, held a blaster to your temple, and Master Vadis would not relent. She said that you failed your last chance to become a Jedi, and told Riis to do whatever she wanted with the failures.

Not long thereafter, Riis’s ship was attacked by an unknown force, boarded, and killed. You were rescued by an unlikely group, the Sith, led by Master Uthar Wynn. Master Uthar brought you aboard his ship, along with your fellow students, had your wounds treated, and offered you his counsel regarding your futures. He said that he was willing to drop you off on Nar Shadaa, which was en route to their next destination, if you were interested in parting company. However, he told Bandon that his former master-to-be, Malak, had felt Bandon’s presence and dispatched Uthar to collect him. Uthar explained to you, Bandon, Daken, and Erall that the Jedi had grown too insular and ineffective as guardians of the galaxy, as evidenced by their fear of the Mandalorians. Only the Revanchists had the courage to defend the Republic and kill the Mandalore. Uthar offered you all a place of honor as students at the Sith Academy on Korriban, where he was headmaster. He said the choice was yours, and left you to discuss your options.

Erall and Daken were hesitant to make any rash decisions, though they harbored no ill will toward you or Bandon for making the decision to remain with Master Uthar and join the Sith. After dropping Erall and Daken off on Nar Shadaa, wishing them well and hoping they would soon reconsider and join the Sith, you and Bandon were brought to the Victus, the flagship of Darth Revan, where you met both Revan and his closest confidante, Darth Malak.

Within three weeks of beginning your training on Korriban, you no longer cared about any of your old Jedi friends, or even the Republic, for that matter. You had been shown the truth. Your eyes have been opened to the power of the Dark Side of the Force. After Revan’s victory on Malachor V, the Jedi and the Republic hoped for a moment’s peace, but peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion, you gain strength. Through strength, you gain power. Through power, you gain victory. Through victory, your chains are broken.

The force shall free you.


Carissa Onasi

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