Ven Jagt

A Mandalorian sole survivor of clan Jagt. Ven Jagt is a slacker with a sarcastic sense of humor. He has an issue with authority.


Template Type: Mandalorian Commando
Character Name: Ven Jagt
Player Name: NPC
Species: Human (Mando’ade)
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Height: 1.7 m
Weight: 55 kg
Physical Description: Stocky and heavily muscled, bearing the life-long scars of a child of the Mando’ade. Most often seen wearing his unique, custom Mandalorian Neo-crusader armor, which is decorated in a graffiti-style and bears markings that tell the story of Ven’s life thus far.
Personality: Like a coiled snake. Ven is silent in thought and violent in deed. He moves through a room with a purpose, speaks only when the situation suits him to do so, and carries a bevvy of weaponry with him everywhere he goes. He is force sensitive, and as such, always seeks out other force sensitives in the area, making them his primary targets in case slag goes down and he has to clear a room.
Objectives: As a member of The Inquest, Ven has made discovering the truth behind the Mandalorian War his top priority. He still has friends on both sides of the Jedi Civil War, and he is considering which side he would take, if he had to.
A Quote: “The Jedi are gutless sycophants, and the Sith are mindless backstabbers. With the Mando’ade gone, are there no true warriors left in the galaxy?”
Connection With Other Characters: Rohlan Dyre’s First, Escaped former student of the Broadsword Jedi Academy.

Art by Vinom11 from Deviant Art. I altered the color scheme.


“We’re all born dying, son. The trick is to send as many of our enemies to hell as we can, so we aren’t bored when we get there.” – Pavharo Jagt (To his son on the day before he died.)

You are Mando’ade, a child of the Mandalore, like your father, and his, and his, on throughout hundreds of generations. Your father, Pavharo of Clan Jagt, was a Neo-Crusader, regiment leader, and a master of Teräs Käsi unarmed combat. Your older brother, Nadoak, was his Right, his first to send into battle. He was the first to kill, and would be the first to die. You were seven at the time. Your training was accelerated. Pavharo needed a new Right. He needed blood to shed blood with him. That was your future.

The Mando’ade went to war with the Republic, as they have so many times before. Conquest was ever the way of Mandalore, ever the path of the Mando’ade. Then, as expected, as desired, the Jedi placed themselves between Mandalore the Ultimate and his sacred right of conquest. A truer opponent couldn’t be desired. The Jedi were weak beneath their strength, strong ahead of their weaknesses, defensive and cowardly, yet able and relentless in their pursuits. Noble, as so few prove themselves to be. And then there was Revan. The strength within and without. In another life, he may have been Mando’ade. He may have been Mandalore himself.

The war brought the Cathar race to near extinction, reduced the planet Serroco to glass, and brought Mandalore the Ultimate within sight of Coruscant, until the Revanchist Jedi entered the war. The Mandalorians were slowly, steadily pushed back. More and more. Until eventually, you had your final stand on Malachor V. Revan killed Mandalore the Ultimate in close combat. The Republic and Jedi at his command obliterated the Mandalorian Fleet. The details of the final moments are vague, but it is known that a machine, glorious in its deadly efficiency, was commissioned by Revan. The machine, called a Mass Shadow Generator, created a devastating gravity vortex that drew countless ships into the surface of Malachor V.

It was the end for the Mando’ade. Your father, mother, everyone, was dead. You barely survived yourself, guarded by your father’s loyal, if inefficient Basilisk War Droid. You regained consciousness, floating in your armor atop your father’s Basilisk, to witness what was left of the Republic fleet, the Revanchists, departing for the unknown reaches of the Outer Rim, leaving you to ruminate your fate, one of the few survivors of Malachor V, and the last of Clan Jagt.

You were adrift atop your father’s Basilisk for a long time. You drifted in and out of consciousness. Whatever happened on that ruined world left you shattered, vulnerable, and alone in the dark. Gravity over Malachor V had become erratic. A massive Republic ship, the Ravager, was being slowly ripped apart by competing gravity wells vying for control of the ship’s descent. You knew that you wouldn’t last long here. Your helmet visor’s power cell gave out about a day and a half after your father’s dying breath. You knew that your oxygen supply system would soon follow. You couldn’t think of a less Mandalorian way to die than to lie motionless and suffocate, but your body was broken, and you had no hope of escaping this bitter, dishonorable fate.

Suddenly, you could see flashes of light across the planet’s decayed horizon. A small fleet of ships had come out of Hyperspace. Republic. Damn your luck. The Republic launched a squadron of fighters and a search and rescue shuttle. Tiny, motionless, and now emitting no external power readings, you felt the air leave your lungs as the Republic ships passed you right by. Just when you were about to fade into oblivion, you saw the pilot of one of the fighters look in your direction. It was a Jedi.

A few months after your rescue over Malachor V, your wounds were healed and you were brought to trial for your crimes as a Mandalorian. The Jedi who saved your life over Malachor V spoke in your defense. He said that you were a product of a torturous upbringing, that the environment of your youth molded you into a shape to which you did not truly fit. The Jedi asked in lieu of incarceration for permission to examine your potential to be trained as a Jedi. The jurists mocked his request, but he made a compelling argument.

“This boy lived through a battle that took thousands of lives. I believe he did not survive all that to see his remaining days spent in a cell, wasting away. I believe that the Jedi, and the Republic, owe it to ourselves to try to make this child into something useful to society. He is Force Sensitive. That is how I detected him in the debris field over Malachor V. I found him for a reason. This is that reason.”

It was a split decision, but within four months, you were being transferred to a Jedi Academy called the Broadsword.


Ven Jagt

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