Key Players

It is an interesting time in the galaxy’s storied history. Let us begin our trek through these troubled times by examining the key players in the Jedi Civil War…

Sith Armada

Darth Revan – The leader of the Sith Armada that is now laying siege to the mid-rim. Revan was once a hero, but something changed within him over the past few years. Perhaps it was the ravages of the Mandalorian War. Perhaps he was lured by practitioners of the Dark Side even before then. It is even possible that his fall occurred during his time lost in the depths of the Unknown Regions. Regardless, Revan has returned, and he brought with him a host of strange, technologically advanced warships and starfighters, as well as a menagerie of voraciously loyal Sith soldiers, all devoted to his cause of eradicating the Jedi Order and wresting control of the Republic for Revan himself.

Darth Malak – Revan’s right-hand since the time of the Revanchists. Malak, like Revan, was once considered a hero. Whatever dark forces conspired to change Revan also succeeded in tainting Malak with the Dark Side of the Force. While Revan commands most of the Sith warriors in the fleet and on Korriban, Malak controls the majority of the Sith Armada from the bridge of his flagship, the Leviathan. He has recently taken an apprentice of his own, Bandon Dast, a former Padawan-hopeful who was destined to be Malak’s apprentice when he was a Jedi. It seemed only fitting that Malak serve as the architect of Bandon’s fall.

Darth Voren – Voren Renstaal was once a voice of reason and wisdom among the Jedi. However, when he witnessed the atrocities on Telos, Katarr, and Serocco, he knew he could no longer abide the Jedi Order’s inaction. Voren sought the Revanchists and enlisted in earnest, quickly becoming one of the most visible faces in the major battles of the Mandalorian War. It is obvious that whatever turned Revan from the Light did so with Voren and the other Jedi Revanchists as well. When the Sith Armada emerged from the depths of space, former Jedi Knight Renstaal bore a new moniker: Darth Voren. Voren serves as commander of Revan’s elite Sith Assassins on the Victus, Revan’s flagship.

Darth Glovoc – The self proclaimed “Lord of the Mind’s Eye”, Glovoc is one of several Sith to have no previous ties to the Jedi Order. He would thus appear to have been found by Revan and Malak during their time in the Unknown Regions, though neither of them speak of their experiences in the darkest depths of the galaxy, and Glovoc’s own accounts are full of melodramatic rhetoric and insane gibberish. Darth Glovoc is a seer whose visions haunted him and drove him to the brink of madness. He serves the Sith Armada well, but from afar. He operates from his own flagship, the Dying Sun, but its location is rarely known to any but Revan and Malak themselves. They receive telepathic messages from him regarding his strange visions and bizarre experiments, often leading them to alter their battle plans or even abandon one target in lieu of another.

Admiral Saul Karath – One of the earliest Republic Navy defectors to the Sith Armada, and one of the most notorious, Admiral Saul Karath of Telos was a brilliant strategist and naval commander whose unique skills were attractive to Darth Revan, who required an experienced naval force commander for his war effort. Karath’s defection was a tremendous blow to the Republic’s efforts to defend her member words from the invading Sith fleet. While Revan commanded his own flagship, the Victus, he sent his apprentice and confidante Darth Malak to Karath’s Leviathan. Karath’s role is primarily advisory in nature, though during times when Malak is away on a field mission, the Admiral essentially commands the whole of the Sith naval forces.

Farindan – A Kubaz spy. Not much is known about Farindan. Though he was not with Revan and Malak when they left Republic space for the Unknown Regions over a year ago, he was with Revan upon his return journey. It is said that Farindan has ties to Darth Havoc, an agent of an unknown Sith Empire that is hidden deep in the Unknown Regions. Another of Darth Havoc’s intermediaries, Darth Singe, also returned with Revan from the Unknown Regions, so there exists some evidence of Farindan’s link to some mysterious distant Sith Empire. Farindan is deathly quiet, using advanced stealth field generators with sound dampeners and an assortment of high-tech surveillance and reconnaissance equipment.


Fleet Admiral Forn Dodonna – As commander of the Republic naval war effort against the Sith Armada, Admiral Dodonna is a courageous and determined military strategist. She considers loyalty and sacrifice to be the greatest evidence of a soldier’s worth, and as such, she has much bile for the traitor Saul Karath. From her flagship, the Talon of the Republic, she and her Jedi envoy, Master Bala Nisi, plan and carry out military operations against the Sith Armada, attempting to anticipate Darth Revan’s targets and prevent more worlds from falling into Sith hands.

Senator Yusanis – For this legendary Echani general, the final battle of the Mandalorian War was a life-altering experience. Yusanis was once a proud warrior, renowned as a battlefront commander who would lead his forces into battle with a vibroblade in one hand and a blaster in the other. The tragic aftermath of Malachor V changed Yusanis, who retired from military service in order to pursue a career in politics. He was so repulsed by the tactics used to gain victory against the Mandalorians, the use of a “vile weapon of mass devastation, the Mass Shadow Generator”, that he entered the political arena in order to do everything in his power to prevent such a device from becoming a part of the Republic war machine.

Senator Haydel Goravvus – The former senator of Taris recently retook his position as the planet’s representative in the Galactic Senate, having won his seat on a campaign devoted to rebuilding the Upper City of Taris after the damage caused during the Mandalorian occupation of the planet. Goravvus is a renowned freedom fighter whose efforts to save Taris from the Mandalorians, even at risk of his own life, gained him plenty of political allies in the aftermath of the war. Goravvus was one of the first senators to publicly condemn the Jedi Order for their inaction during the Mandalorian War, and his first major bill was to introduce a new galactic day of remembrance, Revanchist Day, in honor of those who came to the aid of the Republic when so many refused to do so. Since the return of Darth Revan and the beginning of the Jedi Civil War, Haydel’s political future is in peril.

Supreme Chancellor Cressa – The Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate, Cressa is a Mirialan who attained notoriety for being tough on corruption within the senate. Cressa launched an investigation into the Mass Shadow Generator used by the Revanchists at the end of the Mandalorian War, commissioning Jedi Master Tott Doneeta to oversee the investigation personally. Doneeta never returned from his fact finding mission, and as Cressa was drafting his official request to the Jedi Order to dispatch a search and rescue team to the dead world, news reached Cressa informing him of the return of Revan in the Trasak H’val system. Since then, all of Cressa’s focus has been on defending his Republic from the overwhelming might of the Sith Armada. Master Sergeant Rayth Rissk – A Trandoshan pit fighter and former Republic Commando under “Aurek” Xan, Rayth came out of retirement and left behind his pit-fighting career “for now” to aid in the Republic’s efforts to defend against the forces of Darth Revan. Rayth served alongside Revan. He bled with the man. He returned to active duty in order to see with his own eyes that such a man could fall so far. Rayth is a master sergeant in charge of the marines aboard Admiral Dodonna’s flagship.

Jedi Order

Master Vrook Lamar – Vrook and his fellow Jedi Masters, Vandar, Zhar, and Dorak oversee the Jedi Conclave on Dantooine, where a massive collection of Jedi Knights is about to commence in preparation for a unified response to the Sith threat. Vrook, ever vocal about his displeasure toward the Revanchists and their sympathizers and apologists, is a hardliner whose vision for the Jedi Order remains stalwart and immobile, despite all the evidence surrounding them that the order is doomed to fall.

Padawan Bastilla Shan – Bastilla is the Padawan learner under master Ilos Diath, son of legendary Jedi hero Dace Diath. Bastilla has come to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine at her master’s behest, hoping to gain their support for a search and rescue operation to the devastated world of Malachor V, where Jedi Master Tott Doneeta was last seen investigating the destruction wrought by the Revanchist’s Mass Shadow Generator. Bastilla has a personal investment in this journey as well; she wishes to gain the Jedi Council’s permission to undergo the Trials and become a full Jedi Knight.

Master Sylvar – A Cathar Jedi veteran of the Krath Conflict and the Exar Kun War, Sylvar returns from a pilgrimage to the ruined surface of Cathar, the expansive Veldt Grasslands obliterated by the marauding Mandalorian forces. Sylvar has seen much death and felt much anger, but in her travels, it seems she has finally found a measure of peace within herself. When news reached her of the fall of the Revanchist, Sylvar realizes that the man who pledged to gain justice for the fallen people of Cathar has fallen prey to the Dark Side of the Force. Sylvar has come to the massive collection of Jedi on Dantooine in order to argue in favor of Revan’s capture and redemption. As someone who once came so close to the Dark Side and found her way back, she feels it is her destiny to regain Revan for the Light.

Zayne Carrick, Failed Jedi – Officially, that title is a misnomer. The Jedi Council offered Zayne a knighthood a few years ago, but he declined. His partner, the Snivvian rogue Marn Heirogryph, has used the title to introduce (and humiliate) Zayne at every opportunity. There were benefits to Zayne’s denial of the Order’s offer of knighthood, however. As a knight, they would never have approved of his marriage to Jarael, the Arkanian offshoot who saved his life and whose life he saved countless times over. Once a lover of Malak, Jarael was mortified to hear of her former lover’s turn to the Dark Side of the Force. When Zayne refused to get involved, for fear of losing her, she went off on her own to try to track down Malak and convince him to return to the Light. However, thanks to the efforts of his “allies”, the Moomo Brothers, Zayne caught up with Jarael and convinced her to accompany him to Dantooine, where a massive collection of Jedi are gathering to discuss how to deal with the Sith threat.


Rohlan Dyre – Known to the Mando’ade as “The Questioner”, Rohlan desired answers to his concerns about the reason behind the Mandalorian War, feeling that The Mandalore was not being honest about the war’s intent. When Mandalore the Ultimate refused to answer Rohlan’s questions, Rohlan refused to answer The Mandalore’s call to battle. Over and over, Rohlan ran from the fight, refusing to kill a single enemy of the Mando’ade until his answers were found. Rohlan was sought out by a young Mandalorian named Ven Jagt, an escaped former Jedi student who had similar questions about the reason for the war. Together, the two began a new faction of Mandalorians, the Inquest, formed from remnant Neo-Crusaders and veterans of the war who, like they, needed a reason why they had shed blood and lost kin.

Jagi Na’Kruz – A former member of Clan Ordo, Jagi has been a changed man since the bloody Battle of Althir, prior to the Mandalorian War. Many of Jagi’s men had been killed due to the actions of Canderous Ordo, a longtime rival of Jagi’s whose decision to alter the predetermined battle plan left Jagi’s men defenseless and overwhelmed. Canderous went on to claim fame and glory, becoming one of the prominent Neo-Crusaders at the right hand of Mandalore the Ultimate. Jagi, meanwhile, was reduced in rank and mocked for his losses on Althir. On a self-imposed exile, Jagi heard of the Mandalorian defeat on Malachor V. Hoping to find Canderous Ordo’s smoldering corpse in the valleys of dead soldiers, Jagi donned his armor once more and headed to Malachor V. What he found when he arrived was far from what he expected…

Cassus Fett – If there was a villain greater than The Mandalore himself during the Mandalorian War, that villain was Cassus Fett. Orchestrator of the near genocide of the Cathar race, an event that went largely unknown to the Republic until the Mandalorian War was reaching its apex, Cassus Fett is solely responsible for the loss of nearly a billion lives, just on Cathar. Later, during the Mandalorian War, Fett conquered and occupied Taris. Later, in the Battle of Jaga’s Cluster, Fett killed the captain of a Republic Frigate Flagship, gaining him such notoriety that he is, even now, the most wanted man in known space. After the defeat of Mandalore the Ultimate, Fett was presumed dead. However, in truth, he went into hiding, removing his armor and placed himself in a position few would think to find him.

Weythuun Terl – Once known as “Te Be’senaar” (Mando’a for The Missile), Terl was a member of Clan Jagt and an ally of Rohlan Dyre during the early part of the Mandalorian War. He earned his nickname for being an expert in aerial combat using a modified jump-pack refitted for long-distance flight. When Rohlan began to question the motivation behind the Mandalorian War, Terl attempted to steer his friend away from his new-found skepticism of the Mand’Alor’s stated goals. Some of what Rohlan said rung true, however, when most of Clan Jagt was destroyed over Serroco, and he witnessed the annihilation of the entire planetary surface via nuclear bombardment ordered by Mandalore himself. After that battle, Terl began to believe that there was something to “The Questioner’s” skepticism. Terl went into hiding, sacrificing his Basilisk and armor in order to convince Mandalore that he, too, died on Serroco. After the war, Terl met up with Rohlan and joined his Mandalorian Inquest, determined to uncover the truth behind the war, and the reason for his clan’s decimation on Serroco.

Feyde Tscar – In the absence of a Mand’Alor, the ranks of the Mandalorians are effectively held to those who served the previous Mandalore and their kin. Feyde is neither, and yet she may be the most “Mandalorian” of the current Mando’ade. She continues to fight against the Republic, calling the fall of Mandalore on Malachor V not a defeat, but a situation calling for a new approach to the war. She has gathered a cult-like following and has named herself Manda’yaim, the new Mandalore, though her claim to the title is, according to Rohlan and Terl, utterly worthless. Feyde was never Mando’ade. She was a serf and a slave on Dxun who trained in secret, and against the orders of her betters. She is quite a warrior, and may one day have been made a Mandalorian warrior, but her blood is thin and her skin bears no scars. She is, however, quite charsimatic, and she has attained a sizable following, even if they are, like her, like children playing soldier, wearing their father’s boots and failing to fill them.


Pollard Seario, President, Czerka Corporation – One of the most powerful weapons manufacturers in the Republic, the Czerka Corporation had a long-standing history of arming both sides of a war in what their president, Pollard Seario, called “fair enterprise, fair trade, and fair corporate neutrality.” The practice gained Czerka media notoriety and open disdain in the Galactic Senate. They were able to skirt around disloyalty laws and anti-sedition legislation via their team of savvy lawyers and credit-hemorrhaging lobbyists. They even recently found legal loopholes regarding slave trading that have allowed them to enter that foul, disreputable market as well, despite its abhorrence and illegality within the Republic. It is unknown where Czerka’s loyalties will lay in the Jedi Civil War, but it has already been reported that Czerka’s Mark I and Mark IV Assault Droids have been seen deployed by the Sith Armada in the earliest armed conflicts of the war.

Rulan Prolik, Overseer, Genoharadan – The Genoharadan are a secret order of Bounty Hunters who perform wetwork behind the scenes in an effort to preserve the stability of the Galactic Republic. Assassinations, kidnappings, and extortion were the specialty of this clandestine group. They work for the Republic, even if the Republic is unaware of its work. They manipulate the political strata and, like antibodies in a biological system, weed out any potential threats to the status quo. Rulan is one of the four Overseers of the Genoharadan, though his identity, and the identities (and locations) of the other four Overseers are closely guarded secrets, even from one another.

Compeer, Head of the Exchange – The Exchange is perhaps the most powerful criminal organization of the era, and the Compeer, its overall head, is thus perhaps the most influential criminal in the known galaxy. The Exchange trades in spice, weapons, slaves, and vice, as well as employing the wealth of the galaxy’s bounty hunters. The Compeer’s identity is unknown to all but the highest ranking bosses of the Exchange. Thus far, it has been reported that several Exchange bounty hunters were contracted out to Darth Revan’s Sith Armada, thus cementing the Exchange as official enemies of the Republic.

Darth Traya, the Sith Triumvirate – Though the Triumvirate is in its infancy, the earliest flicker of the Dark flame has already taken a hold of the inheritor of Malchor V, Darth Traya. Unaffiliated with Revan’s forces and, for the time being, unknown to either side of the Jedi Civil War, Darth Traya was once the Jedi Master Kreia, an exiled Jedi whose instruction of Revan at the outbreak of the Mandalorian War was largely blamed by the High Council for Revan’s betrayal of the Jedi Code. She was cast out of the Jedi Order, abandoned, and upon learning of Revan’s return as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Kreia was determined to discover what drove her former student toward the Dark Side of the Force. She went to Malachor V, the site of the final battle of the Mandalorian War, and it was there where Kreia found her answers, and a new purpose.

Veesha Scikul – A female Cerean leader of the Scarab swoop gang on Nar’Shadaa. Veesha’s men were embarrassed by Jedi Padawans Daken Rao-Kun and Erall Diggs, but in the process, she gained the notice of a powerful Dark Side Force-user calling himself Ar’Akanis. Just before the start of the Jedi Civil War, a strange and powerful droid descended into the Scarab’s Den, a repurposed warehouse in the slums of Nar’Shadaa. The droid was an envoy of Ar’Akanis, and due to a special Force Crystal embedded within the Droid, it could act as a long-distance conduit of Ar’Akanis’s power. The Scarabs became cultists worshipping Ar’Akanis, with Veesha acting as the Matron of the cult. She and the rest of the Scarabs marked their bodies and wore facepaint, listened to the ministrations of the droid, the Messenger of Ar’Akanis, and performed missions for him. Most recently, one of their missions involved the assassination of a crime lord’s infant daughter and her ritual dismemberment, followed by painting the symbol of Ar’Akanis on the face of the crime lord’s building using the blood of his own daughter. This caught the attention of Nar-Sec, who decided to call on the Jedi Order for their help in resolving the issue before it escalated into a full-scale turf war between the local crime lords.

Ezan’der Shaddok – A Devaronian with seemingly limitless resources, Shaddok is a member of the Genoharadan. Though his membership is a very closely guarded secret, his actions are not so subtle. He is known by some as a vigilante and by others as a menace. He is, in fact, an assassin and a former Sith warrior. The circumstances of his departure from the Sith are, like his membership to the Genoharadan, a matter of some mystery. However, his abilities with the Force are not in question. A Jedi would not read Shaddok to be an adherent to the Dark Side of the Force. In fact, Shaddok is a believer in the Unifying Force, stating that he thinks those who limit themselves to one side or the other make themselves slaves to the Force. He chose not to shackle himself with the desire to grow more powerful, instead opting to use the abilities he had already attained to grow immensely wealthy. So far, it seems to be working for him.


The Crew

Captain Wan Atlok – A Sullustan with dark brown skin and an eyepatch over his left eye. He has no left arm, but refuses to get any cybernetic replacements. He is usually found sipping on a steaming cup of tea and staring out into the stars. Quiet, reserved, and honest. Wan saw a lot of death and lost a lot of friends in the Exar Kun War, including several Jedi Knights. He holds a special place in his heart for the Jedi, and believes that the Force is meant to be a tool for bringing galactic peace. He has an addiction to pain management stims, which he fights via meditation with Master Vadis and a selection of exotic teas.

Carth Onasi, Rogue Squadron Leader – Carth Onasi is a veteran of the Mandalorian Wars with a particular knack for rising to even the most difficult challenges. An expert pilot from the planet Telos IV, Carth Onasi once served under Admiral Saul Karath, a man for whom Carth had great respect. Carth’s niece, Carissa, was recently reported to have turned to the Dark Side of the Force, now a student of Darth Revan. Carth has plans on returning to Telos and his wife and son, Morgana and Dustil Onasi, but feels it necessary to first try everything in his power to bring Carissa back with him. When he was offered a position as the Rogue Squadron leader on the Broadsword, the very ship from which Carissa left to join the Sith, Carth felt strongly that taking the job would give him an opportunity to save Carissa from her fate after all.

Lago Nyennin, Engineering and Archives – A Lethan Twi’lek with rust-colored skin. Sarcastic and quick-witted, but not unkind. He has a tendency to go off on random tangents during a conversation. His lekku are constantly twitching and irritating his bad back, which forces him to braid them so they behave. He has a deep love for opera and fine art. Lago has bad posture and a pronounced limp, and is rarely seen without his hand-carved Kashyyyki walking stick. A former ally of Jedi Master Go-Sibo Dosis and head of R&D at Aratech.

Ensign Trask Ulgo – A member of the Broadsword’s bridge crew and recent enlistee in the Republic Navy, Trask is on the fast-track to military success. It has been suggested by some that his acceptance, promotion, and assigned position with Captain Atlok are due to some shady dealings between the Republic Navy brass and the prominent, aristocratic Ulgo family. Whenever Trask is asked about his connection to the Ulgo family, he claims no relation and quickly changes the subject. Trask has great respect for Carth Onasi, the new Rogue Leader, and the two have begun to become good friends as of late.

The Staff

Headmaster Atris – A member of the Jedi High Council on Coruscant, Atris was deeply involved in the recent trial of the sole Jedi Revanchist to return from Malachor V in order to face the council’s judgment. Thereafter, Atris was contacted by Master Ko’Dora Vadis, then headmaster of the Broadsword Academy. Vadis informed Atris that she was stepping down as headmaster in order to take on a Padawan learner, Daken Rao-Kun. Atris expressed deep concern over taking on a Padawan with blood ties to a Dark Lord of the Sith, especially during these troubled times. When Master Vadis made the case for Daken’s potential, she challenged Atris to come to the Broadsword as its new Headmaster and see for herself.

Master Ko’Dora Vadis – Ko’Dora is a former student of Master Arca Jeth and former member of the Jedi High Council on Coruscant. She is a modest, radiant beauty; a Falleen female that carries a rare orange lightsaber. Wise and graceful, she is renowned for her patience and intuition. Master Vadis has a long and storied history, and a lot of friends both in and out of the Jedi Order. She was the founding Headmaster of the Broadsword Academy, though at Master Atris’s request, she stepped down in order to take on Daken Rao-Kun as her Padawan learner.

Master Sas’k – A Verpine Jedi is a rarity, but Sas’k excels in this pursuit. Though technically hermaphroditic, Sas’k is predominantly male in his behavior and mental characteristics. He is a Verpine, a member of a race of insectoids hailing from the Roche Asteroids. Sas’k is a phenomenal pilot, his compound eyes and rapid reflexes, combined with his Jedi training, aiding him in reacting far more quickly than most others, both in and out of the cockpit. Sas’k, like Headmaster Ko’Dora, agreed with Revan’s reasoning for fighting the Mandalorians, but disagreed with Revan for disobeying the Jedi High Council’s mandate that he not involve the Order in the war. He was one of the most vocal advocates of the Broadsword project. He has taken Broadsword graduate Erall Rand as his Padawan learner, though he still acts as the Astrogation and Space Combat Tactics instructor for the Broadsword Academy.

Master Peril Makta – Peril is a former keeper of records in the Jedi Library on Ossus, and a former ally of Dace Diath. She was one of the few to escape Aleema Keto’s devastating final assault, tearing out the core of a star in the Cron Cluster, causing it to go supernova and destroy all life on Ossus, including her friend Dace. Peril is older now, with the wisdom of several wars behind her, and has learned to embrace the Force as an eternal ally. She believes that the biggest cause of death and destruction over the centuries has been a lack of ethics among the citizens of the Republic, including the Jedi themselves. Peril is the Broadsword Academy’s Ethics and Jedi History instructor.

Master Kabi-do Raiku – Kabi-Do is a Jedi Weaponmaster, an expert on the use of all melee and close-quarters ranged weaponry, and perhaps the greatest lightsaber duelist alive today. He has a collection of some of the rarest and most impressive swords in the galaxy, some dating back to before the formation of the Republic itself. Kabi-Do is what he calls a realist, and one of the few instructors within the Broadsword to have agreed with the Revanchists. He did not join them, however, because of his responsibilities on Coruscant at the time, responsibilities that have recently been satisfied. He wears a simple, sleeveless combat suit and has his forearms, hands, feet, elbows, and knees taped for protection during close-quarters combat. He carries a vibrant greenish-yellow lightsaber with a broader-than-usual blade and a unique handle made from a recycled ancient two-handed sword hilt with an ornate guard and quillions.

Master Aphis Zur – A Nautolan female, Master Zur is a Master Historian, one of the few Jedi authorized to make use of both Jedi and Sith holocrons for the purpose of historical research and documentation. She was also once an instructor at the Jedi Academy on Alderaan. She is the only instructor to have fought in the Mandalorian War, dragged into the conflict against her better judgment. Her homeworld of Glee Anselm was made the target of an experimental Mandalorian weapon. She joined Revan in preventing the Mandalorians from using this experimental weapon, but after the battle she grew wary of Revan when he refused to destroy the weapon’s blueprints and instead entrusted that information to a Zabrak engineer named Bao-Dur. She parted ways with Revan, returning to the Order having completed her sole mission of saving her homeworld, and publically condemned the Revanchists, apologizing for her small part in the war.

“Master” Zahn Madurke – Coach Madurke is a male Human with no Force Sensitivity whatsoever. He is believed to have greatly embellished on his résumé. He has taken to insisting that his Athletics and Sports Activities students refer to him as Master Madurke, but thus far nobody has obliged him on this request.

The Alumni

Erall Rand – As one of only two graduates from the original eleven-student class of Jedi hopefuls, Erall Rand is considered a rare success story among the students and faculty of the Broadsword. Like his friend Daken, Erall is descended from a powerful Sith Lord and, as such, had much to prove in order to get where he has and attain the rank of Padawan Learner. Unfortunately, Erall was devastatingly injured in the opening shots of the Jedi Civil War. In the initial volley of laser cannon fire, a hypermatter containment canister a meter away from him ruptured and exploded, causing massive radiation burns across most of his body. Erall underwent an extensive medical procedure on the planet of Kamino that entailed advanced and experimental cloned tissue grafting and the implementation of a non-conductive polymer/fibrous alloy armor. Master Sas’k is Erall’s Jedi instructor.

Daken Rao-Kun – Along with Erall Rand, Daken is the only other student to graduate from the Broadsword Jedi Academy and succeed in becoming a Padawan Learner. Also like Erall, Daken’s father was a Sith Lord, Exar Kun, a fact which casts the young Padawan under a heavy spotlight as he continues his training in the Force. Daken is already considered a combat veteran due to his action in the Battle of Trasak H’val, the first sortie between Darth Revan’s Sith Armada and the Armed Forces of the Republic. Daken is an upperclassman in the Broadsword Academy, often serving as a guidance counselor and chaperon for the underclassmen. Daken’s instructor is Jedi Master Ko’Dora Vadis, the former Headmaster of the Broadsword Academy.

Rai-El Hulis – An honorary member of the Broadsword alumni. Rai-El is the niece of Darth Revan. She intends to take whatever opportunity she can to determine how Revan fell to the Dark Side and, if possible, guide him back to the Light. She is a beautiful, graceful, and charismatic Miraluka. She is gifted in empathy and future sight. She also has recently developed the ability to reach into a person’s mind and rearrange their individual reality to her own design. She has used this ability, unwittingly, to delude a group of refugees into believing they were safe from any danger, whereas in truth, they were endangered on a regular basis. She realizes that her ability could easily be twisted for use by the Dark Side of the Force and, considering her uncle’s recent turn, she is hesitant to use her new-found power.

The Students

Seeva RaedoA 15-year-old female Duros daughter of an affluent shipping magnate on the planet Duros. Seeva grew up being exposed to all of the power that money could bring her. She had everything a little girl could ever want. However, her parents realized that their daughter was being spoiled by their wealth, and they wanted her to know true happiness… the kind that comes from doing good works and succeeding on your own merits. They had her tested for Force Sensitivity, as they had always suspected that she was at least marginally capable of sensing the Force. That was two years ago. She has been transferred to the Broadsword Academy because, like all the other students here, her chances of success are slim, and this is her only chance to accept a wealth-free existence as a Jedi. She has been assigned as an underclassmen to Padawan Rai-El Hulis, whose gracefulness and tact may prove useful in breaking Seeva of her attachments to material wealth.

Owen SunchaserA 16-year-old male Human and former Exchange slave, much like his future master Daken Rao-Kun. Owen witnessed the arrival and departure of Erall Rand and Daken Rao-Kun from Nar’Shadaa, and he unwittingly helped the two young Jedi initiates to escape the Scarabs, a swoop gang that the two Jedi had run afoul of. Owen somehow called upon the Force to misdirect a number of the gang members into fleeing in fear of a massive police presence. Even the Jedi were convinced that the Nar-Sec repulsortanks were really chasing them. After they left, Owen told his story to his friend Hurik, the bartender at the Slag Pit. Two weeks later, Hurik’s contacts in the Jedi Order came to take Owen away from this place, and to his new home: The Broadsword. He was assigned to Padawan Daken Rao-Kun as his underclassmen in hopes that their shared history of slavery would help them form a proper mentor-protege relationship.

Ren-ha KreesA 15-year-old male Human and former member of the Guttertrash street gang on Corellia. Ren-ha was always big for his age, and due to his abusive mother, absent father, and criminal environs, he grew to become a schoolyard bully and shiftless vagabond in his early youth. That all changed for him when, one morning, a student whom Ren-ha had shaken down for lunch credits a few months earlier came into school with murder on his mind. However, it wasn’t Ren’ha who suffered from this boy’s rage. Instead, the kid brutally attacked one of his own friends, Grazael Ulturis. Something within Ren-ha changed when he saw what was happening. The chain of brutality, from his parents to him, and now to this kid he once tormented, had claimed a life. He tried to intervene, but the kid was unfathomably strong. He crushed Ren-ha’s right fist into powder and kicked him so hard in the face that his skull fractured and he suffered a major concussion. After over a year in intensive care at a local hospital, Ren-ha learned that his mother had overdosed on Deathsticks. He was approached by a Jedi, Master Kabi-do Raiku, who informed him of his Force Sensitivity, and that he could break the cycle of hate and regret by accepting a place among the Jedi. He was recently transferred to the Broadsword Academy and assigned as an Underclassmen to Erall Rand, another Jedi whose physical scars carry a heavy emotional toil.

Sith Academy

The Staff

Uthar Wynn – The headmaster of the Sith Academy on Korriban. Wynn and his master, Jorak Uln, came to Korriban shortly after Exar Kun left for Yavin IV, having foreseen the fall of the brotherhood. Once Uln arrived in Korriban, he took control of the Sith Academy after dueling then-headmaster Eoth Va’Toris to the death during an assembly in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Wynn bade his time as Uln’s apprentice until just four years ago, when he used ancient Sith Magic to drive his master insane, exiling him into the wastelands of Korriban. He is now in league with Darth Revan and Darth Malak, the recently risen Dark Lords of the Sith.

Yuthura Ban – A female Twi’lek and former Jedi Padawan, Yuthura Ban was once a slave to Omeesh the Hutt, a Hutt Master who tortured his slaves regularly. Angered by such a life and so subsequently craving vengeance and determined not to simply be “nothing,” Yuthura made plans to strike back at her master, stabbing the Hutt she described as a “drunken worm” while in his bedchamber.Despite her somewhat advanced age, higher than that of most Padawans, the Jedi took her to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine to be trained in the ways of the Jedi Order. Though considered to possess exceptional skills, she was unable to let go of her anger towards her former oppressors and all others who would practice slavery, having been brought up in such conditions and so being able to empathize with their position. She saw the apparent Jedi inaction over the matter as intolerable. Unable to resolve her differences with the Jedi, she abandoned her master, the Order and their teachings. Yuthura found her way to Korriban, where she became the apprentice of Headmaster Uthar Wynn. Now, she has an apprentice of her own, Edela Valke, a woman with whom she shares a number of talents and mutual goals.

Ayaluus Haar – A male Sanyassan and former member of the Ish-Kostik cartel on Sanyassa IV, Ayaluus Haar has always been an incredible athlete and master of armed combat, even from a young age. He gained notoriety for his battle prescience, his ability to plan an armed combat scenario several steps ahead, anticipate the movements of his opponents and their reactions to his potential counterstrikes, and execute his strikes with pinpoint precision and perfect timing. He was recruited into the Sith by Darth Havoc, who brought Haar to Korriban for formal training under Jorak Uln. Soon thereafter, Haar became the official weaponmaster of the Sith Academy on Korriban.

Zada-Vasto Baas – Everything changed for Zada when his father was killed by Exar Kun on Coruscant over 40 years ago. Zada was barely a hatchling when he felt the Force Spirit of his father pass over him and his siblings. Rather than have a father to guide him through his early life, or a Jedi Master to teach him of the ways of the Force, Zada watched as one of his sisters received the nurturing gift of their father’s final blessings, named Podo in his honor. Zada grew up in his sister’s shadow, and though he shared the family legacy of Force Sensitivity, he was not given the opportunity to join the Jedi Order. Zada fell hard and fast to the Dark Side, spending his family’s resources to purchase as much literature as he could on Sith Magic. He eventually found his way to Korriban, where his extensive knowledge of Sith lore, and of the ancient relics being unearthed in the Valley of the Dark Lords, led Zada to be hailed as the Sith Loremaster of the academy.

Xinge Elrath – There is a closely guarded secret among the highest echelon of power in Darth Revan’s Sith Armada. Darth Singe is the only member of the Sith Academy staff to be aware of this secret. Singe was one of the very few unknown individuals who returned with Revan and Malak from the depths of the Unknown Regions. Most of those who came back were former members of the Jedi Order or Republic Navy, but Xinge Elrath was a wholly different story. Encased in a black high-density ceramic armor and wearing a helmet that covers nearly all of her face, it is unknown what race Xinge is, and as she never speaks to anyone other than the Headmaster (and even that is rare), it is almost impossible to tell what her goals are, or where her loyalties truly lay.

The Students

Bandon Dast – The Jedi consider Bandon to be a failure. That is fair, as Bandon considers the Jedi Order to be a failure. Bandon was once a rising star pupil of the Jedi Academy on Dantooine. He was chosen to be the Padawan learner of Alek Squinquargeimus, but after Alek, now calling himself Malak, joined the Revanchists against the orders of the Jedi High Council, Bandon was effectively placed on a perpetual holding pattern, denied the opportunity to pursue his own career until the fate of his destined master was to be decided. Bandon got a final chance to become a Jedi, but the more time he spent in the Broadsword Academy, the more he realized that the Jedi were not worthy of him. When Darth Malak sent Uthar Wynn to rescue him from the pirate Sevanna Riis, he knew that his destiny was finally catching up with him. The Sith would be his people, and one day, the Jedi would tremble before the might of Darth Bandon.

Carissa Onasi – A former student of the Jedi Academy on Dantooine and later the Broadsword Academy, Carissa’s natural affinity for Force Illusions led her to create an idealized world around herself, tricking the minds of those around her into believing her to be as perfect a daughter, student, and person as they had ever met. The Jedi showed her that using those abilities in such a way was manipulative and wrong. After trying things their way, even for a short while, Carissa grew to disagree with the Jedi. The Sith offer Carissa more freedom to create her own destiny. She is in love with Bandon Dast, and is now training under Darth Revan himself, who hopes to put her Force Illusions to good use in the coming months of the Jedi Civil War.

Grazael Ulturis – A child whose tragic life led him to find pleasure in causing harm to others. Grazael is not his true name. His true name is unknown, as he is a member of an unknown species of near-human aliens, abandoned on a transport heading to the Mt. Tantiss Republic Army Hospital on Wayland. Grazael was an orphan, and later on in his short life, on Corellia, he was bullied by those who saw his differences as an opportunity to take advantage of him. It was then when Grazael met Keisan H’Vok, a custodian at his orphanage who trained him to understand his hidden Force potential. Grazael learned to cultivate and harness his hate as a fuel, and use it to enhance his physical strength and agility to unheard-of levels of intensity. Grazael, at 8 years of age, was brought to Korriban to learn the ways of the Sith. It has been four years since that day, and now, with the return of Darth Revan and the start of the Jedi Civil War, Grazael is about to see what his training has unleashed upon the galaxy.

Tox Maliss – A Dashade that somehow became enchanted by Sith Magic, despite his racial resistance to Force powers. His slightest touch causes intense pain, similar to contact poison. Once an inmate in a psychiatric wing of a Republic hospital, then a pincushion and guinea pig of the Mandalorian mad scientist, Demagol, Tox was recruited by Darth Havoc and brought to Korriban to join the Sith. However, Tox was too unstable and presented just as much a threat to the Sith as he did to their enemies. He is therefore not treated as an equal, but as a tool, a weapon to use against the enemies of the Sith.

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Key Players

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