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The Jedi Civil War has begun.

The Mandalorian Wars ended over a year ago, when the Jedi Revanchists led the Republic Navy to a victory on the doomed world of Malachor V, annihilating the Mandalorian threat. Thereafter, under the auspices of chasing down the last remnants of the Mandalorian fleet, Revan and his Republic fleet went off into the Unknown Regions.

They have returned.

A new, seemingly unstoppable Sith Armada, led by Darth Revan, has launched a massive military campaign against the Galactic Republic and its guardians, the Jedi Order. Despite the High Council’s reservations and refusal to join in the war efforts against the Mandalorians, Revan and his loyal few Jedi did what needed to be done, and as a result, the galaxy was safe from the Mandalorians. Revan was considered a hero to the republic, and a credit to the Jedi.

Now, he is the enemy.

Revan drew so many of the Jedi into his Revanchist subculture that he left the Jedi ranks depleted, and forced the High Council to desperate measures. In an attempt to rebuild their numbers, several controversial new teaching methods were considered, culminating in the formation of a stellar Jedi academy built within a captured, heavily-modified Mandalorian cruiser, the Ori’kad. Renaming it as it’s literal translation from Mando’a to Basic, the Broadsword was manned by Republic officers while the academy within was staffed by Jedi hand-picked for this special experiment. The alumnus was to be comprised of those students whose potential was great, but whose studies lagged behind their peers nonetheless.

The concern was that rushing through such training would produce Jedi that were unacceptably prone to susceptibility to the Dark Side of the Force. In the past, Exar Kun and those who followed him down the dark path were products of an accelerated training curriculum, and despite being trained by a Jedi legendary for turning out many great Jedi, Vodo Siosk Baas, Exar Kun was lured to the Dark Side. In order to meet such concerns face-on, it would comprise the first class on the Broadsword of those students deemed by the council to have the greatest potential for turning to the Dark Side. If they could make upstanding Jedi out of the last-chance students under such circumstances, the Broadsword experiment would have passed its stress test, and eventually, an entire Jedi Fleet would be commissioned to handle the training responsibilities thereafter.

Out of eleven students in the freshman class of the Broadsword, there were only two graduates: Erall Rand and Daken Rao-Kun. Three students were expelled. Three others quit. One student, Ven Jagt, was revealed to have been a Mandalorian, faked his own death, and escaped bearing knowledge of the Broadsword and its mission. Finally, two other students, Bandon Dast and Carissa Onasi, fell to the Dark Side of the Force and joined Revan’s Sith Armada.

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