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The galaxy is at the apex of its technological evolution. Science and technology pervade the galactic landscape. In this section, we will explore the advanced sciences and technologies of the galaxy…

Capital Ships

Galactic Republic Hammerhead-class Cruiser The Hammerhead-class cruiser is a successor-design to the smaller Praetorian-class frigate. Serving on the line in fleet engagements as a courier and as a command ship of large fleets, it is the workhorse of the Republic Navy and a common sight near Republic-controlled worlds. This ship can also undertake independent operations, unlike the Foray-class blockade runner, which is never observed outside a supporting fleet. Hammerheads are able to enter atmospheres and land on planetary surfaces.
Galactic Republic Praetorian-class Frigate. The Praetorian-class frigate is a 180-meter long capital ship, durable and powerful for its size. Its weapons are geared toward defensive fire, leading to heavy use of the class in an escort role. It carries 12 starfighters and has a standard class two hyperdrive. The Praetorian-class was first used during the Great Sith War in 5,000 BBY and served at the Battle of Koros Major. During the galactic reconstruction efforts after the war, the Republic Senate authorized the sale of the ships to private organizations and planetary governments. Thereafter, they served primarily in an escort role, defending convoys and relief missions against pirate attacks. The Praetorian-class was the predecessor of the larger Hammerhead-class ships. Though the Praetorian has fallen out of use by the Republic, these ships are still often seen in use by private organizations. For example, the pirate Sevanna Riis used a Praetorian-class frigate fitted with an experimental cloaking device.
Interdictor-class Sith Destroyer The Interdictor-class is 600 meters long and features a hull that splits into two structures, one dorsal and one ventral. Each ship is commanded from a sternward tower. The class is equipped with 20 quad-laser cannons and two ion cannons, though the Leviathan is equipped with four turbolaser batteries and one tractor beam projector in addition to the standard armament. As befitting its name, the Interdictor-class also features four massive gravity well projectors, which can prevent other vessels from entering hyperspace.
Centurion-class Battlecruiser The Centurion-class battlecruiser is a capital ship used by the Galactic Republic and the Sith Armada. Twice as long as the contemporary Interdictor-class Sith Destroyer, the Centurion-class battlecruiser has increased cargo capacity and heavier firepower. It carries up to 96 Sith Interceptors and is armed with multiple turbolaser, ion cannon, tractor beam and point-defense laser cannon batteries, as well as proton torpedo launchers. Its command tower holds spacious quarters for the command crew, with the bridge alone the size of a concert hall. The Centurion-class battlecruiser was intended to succeed the Inexpugnable-class command ship in the Republic Navy. A limited number of these ships served in the Mandalorian Wars, most notably the Ravager, which was destroyed over Malachor V.
Galactic Republic Inexpugnable-class Tactical Command Ship The Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship was a large warship class used by the Republic Navy during the Mandalorian Wars. Designed and manufactured by Rendili Hyperworks and Rendili/Vanjervalis Drive Yards, the Inexpugnable-class was used as a flagship and command ship. Often described as a mobile space station, at 3,100 meters in diameter it was one of the largest Republic spacecraft of its time. The Inexpugnable-class is renowned for its ability to lead massive Republic fleets. Despite its usefulness as a fleet flagship, the ship has several weaknesses, and as such, only six Inexpugnable-class ships were manufactured, two of which, the Courageous and the Reliance, were destroyed in early 3,963 BBY. They were replaced as Republic command ships by the Centurion-class battlecruiser before the end of the Mandalorian Wars.
Galactic Republic Foray-class Blockade Runner Foray-class blockade runners were capital ships used by the Republic Navy during the Mandalorian Wars (c. 3,964 BBY) and the Jedi Civil War. These vessels had long, slender hulls capped at the stern with large thrusters. The blockade runners were armed with turreted guns positioned on each side of the ship’s bow and point-defense guns lining the main superstructure. The Foray-class’s original purpose was to safeguard the Republic Navy’s reach by being mass-produced to the point of filling up the trade routes, but the ship gained new mission uses during the Mandalorian Wars. It assisted Republic troops and civilians caught behind enemy lines, and aided besieged Republic worlds by supplying them while under fire. The ships can also be used to secretly land commandos.


Conductor-Class Short-haul Landing Craft The Conductor-class short-haul landing craft is a special-purpose shuttle, used by the Galactic Republic as a military cargo transport during the Mandalorian Wars. It comes in several basic lines, of which the CX line was the most frequent. Within this line three additional configurations now exist: ships named with a CX followed by a two-digit number have additional fuel storage for traveling from gravity well to gravity well, while those named with a CXB followed by a three-digit number are designed to be carried aboard capital ships in landing bays and could carry slightly more cargo. The new civilian CXLH (or Long-Haul) model is 20% larger and has a standard Class-2 Hyperdrive and can be fitted with additional storage units called CXTs (CX-Trailers). Early in the war Carth Onasi flew a CXB-560 nicknamed Deadweight.

Quartermaster-Class Supply Ship The Quartermaster-class supply carrier was a freighter used by the Republic Navy and the private sector after the Great Sith War and during the Mandalorian Wars. It has a reinforced duranium hull which allows it to withstand punishing damage without breaching and spilling its cargo into space. The Quartermaster-class is designed specifically to carry a variety of goods and raw materials to worlds in desperate need of reconstruction or relief following the devastation of the Great Sith War. Since military ships were ill-equipped to carry supplies and materials, the need arose for a specific supply carrier, and Quartermaster-class is mostly cargo space outfitted to carry a variety of cargoes, including liquids and gases, which makes it a popular supply vessel. Rai-El Hulis once served with her Jedi Master Haedoo Jass on the doomed Quartermaster-Class ship, the Sanctorum, which was being used as a refugee transport during the Mandalorian War.

Hauler-Class Sanitation Ship The Hauler-Class is an Arkanian-designed refuse retrieval and removal vessel. It is fitted with a low-yield tractor beam and a generous storage area, which makes the ship quite attractive to smugglers and pirates, even if just for parts. Comfort was not in mind when the Arkanians designed this vessel, as they are disdainful of other species and no self-respecting Arkanian would be caught dead driving a junk hauler. Most of the Hauler-Class ships still in service today are heavily modified to suit a wider variety of purposes. During the last few months of the Mandalorian Wars, some of these vessels were used by some Mid-Rim planetary defense organizations to transport and lay orbital minefields using their handy tractor beams.

Dynamic-Class Light Freighter The Dynamic-class freighter is a light freighter class that saw use by the Republic Navy during the Mandalorian Wars. The Dynamic-class was built by a subsidiary of Core Galaxy Systems, one vessel at a time. This makes them rare compared with other freighter classes. At least one of them was present in the Republic fleet that gathered in the Ralltiir system in 3,963 BBY. Another was seen in the skies above Taris during the Mandalorian invasion of Taris. These ships are all custom-built by hand by master craftsmen, which lends them a hefty pricetag and makes them extremely rare. This method of construction also makes these ships the most sought-after form of light-freighter class in the galaxy today. Daken Rao-Kun spent a portion of his childhood as a slave laborer for Ratrin Vhek on the Dynamic-class freighter Ebon Hawk.


S-100 Stinger-class Starfighter A single-seat fighter produced by Corellian Engineering Corporation before, during, and after the Great Sith War of 3,997 BBY. Measuring 11.5 meters in length, the hyperdrive-equipped craft is used by the Jedi Order, the Republic Navy, and is also available for civilian purchase. Armed with laser cannons and proton torpedo launchers, and minimally shielded, the S-100 is considered lightly armed, but is said to make up for its defensive shortcomings with its high speed and maneuverability superior to most other modern starfighters. Despite the introduction of other craft, the Stinger remains one of the mainstays of the Jedi, who used it in conflicts against the Krath during the Sith War and afterward, until the introduction of the Aurek tactical strikefighter before the Mandalorian Wars of 3,976 BBY. Even now, the fighter remains in production, and is preferred by planetary defense forces. This is the primary starfighter in use by the Telosian Defense Force.

S-250 Chela-class Starfighter A craft used by the Republic fleet. Though a loser in the “Generation Tomorrow Starfighter” competition, it was still purchased in small numbers by the Republic. These starfighters are armed with twin laser cannons and missile launchers, and fly alongside the more nimble Aurek tactical strikefighters in some battles. Ships of this type are often flown by higher-ranking pilots and squad leaders. Lieutenant Carth Onasi of the Broadsword pilots a custom Chela Starfighter.

Aurek Tactical Strikefighter A 9.2 meter-long delta-shaped starfighter armed with two heavy laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers, the Aurek is capable of holding six torpedoes. The fighter is capable of considerable acceleration and maneuvering, and has variable-geometry wings. They are easily refuelable and rearmable, thus driving down costs. Hammerhead-class cruisers are capable of holding a squadron of Aurek fighters. The fighters were used by the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars.

Davaab-type Starfighter A type of starfighter used by the Mandalorians from before and during the Mandalorian Wars. It’s name derived from the Mando’a word for “carrying out” and “execution”, the fighter was used by the Mandalorians for capital ship protection. The 8.8 meter long Davaab starfighter is wide, boasting asymmetrical wings: a longer, bent fin-shape wing and a shorter wing with a cannon. A bubble canopy allows the pilot to see his immediate surroundings. The craft is designed to land with each wing rotated horizontally.

Sith Fighter The starfighter that forms the bulk of Darth Revan and Darth Malak’s space forces. The design and manufacture of the Sith fighter is a hybrid of various technologies untraceable to any products originating from known worlds. A single-seated fighter, with a cargo capacity of forty kilograms and provisions for one day, the craft was not designed with the comfort or safety of the pilot in mind. Mass-produced to be small, lightweight, and agile, the integrity of the fighter’s hull is minimal, as are the life support systems. The pilot does not need to wear a full spacesuit; however, many choose to do so since there is a significant chance that the pilot will need to eject from a damaged craft.

XC-01 Star Saber class Starfighter At 13 meters in length, the Republic Fleet Systems Star Saber XC-01 starfighter is long, low, and sleek. Protruding from the narrow hull are two wings fitted with weapons outriggers; two fins emerged from the tail of the craft, above the two engines. A former military snubfighter available now to civilians only through regulated sales, the Star Saber is equipped with deflector shields and two heavy blaster cannons. A single-seat craft, with 45 kilograms of cargo capacity, the fighter nonetheless is equipped with a Class 2.0 hyperdrive and a week’s worth of consumables. However, once Republic Fleet Systems developed the Aurek tactical strikefighter shortly before 3,976 BBY, the Star Saber design was abandoned by the Republic Navy. This starfighter class is most often seen in the employ of mercenary groups or pirates.

Basilisk War Droid Known in Mando’a as the Bes’uliik or “iron beast”, the Basilisk War Droid is an intelligent battle droid most famously used by the Mandalorians. When the Mandalorians began producing them, they included a dorsal control mechanism with which a mounted rider could control the Basilisk in battle. Despite this, the Basilisks retained a large amount of artificial intelligence. It was said that a Mandalorian and its Basilisk shared a common bond, almost like a friendship. If the Basilisk is destroyed in battle, its pilot gives it a warrior’s funeral before sending it into a star. Mandalorian tinkering eventually spawned countless customized variants of the Basilisk, departing dramatically from the original droid design and becoming more of a vehicle or ship. Later versions include closed cockpits, larger wings that served as S-foils, and the virtual elimination of animal-like features, giving it an appearance closer to that of a starship. In a specially modified version of the Basilisk, a large bomb of any type could be strapped in, and driven at high speeds into the enemy ship. The Mandalorian Inquest, led by Rohlan Dyre and Ven Jagt, pilot closed-cockpit Basilisks.

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Science and Technology

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