Erall Rand

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“Listen to the flow of blood through your veins, my son, and know that passion is the only virtue to which you shall ever need to aspire.” – Sazha Rand (A Sith spirit to his infant son.)

Your memories of your mother are vague, but not pleasant, like a torment you can never really escape, but neither can you really focus on it, face it. Your father, on the other hand, is a different story. You never met him. He died shortly after your birth, one of the last of Exar Kun’s elite Brotherhood. However, you have experience with him. He has spoken to you. His first words with you were brought on a force wave, a transmission of his power to you from across the galaxy. It was that force wave that killed your mother, streams of lightning emanating from the unwitting eyes of a crying infant in its crib.

Your father was a believer in the Sith’ari, the prophesied ultimate Sith, the perfect being, who would rise to power and lead the Sith, destroy them, yet through their destruction, make them stronger than ever. The last time your father spoke to you, he spoke of Revan, at the end of the Mandalorian War. He said “Could it be that Revan will destroy us all? Could it be that he is the Sith’ari?”

Ever since then, his words have grown silent, a blessed thing, as every time he spoke to you, scars would grow across your body, lightning would stream from your eyes, and someone near you would suffer for the sake of his message. He never listened. He spoke to you, not with you. He was a father in purely biological terms, but for some, that would seem to have been enough to cast doubts upon you. Your father was Sith. He was dangerous. But were you?

It has been nearly six months since the war ended. You lived on Dantooine, trained at the Jedi Academy there, since you were seven years old. Your heritage, your scars, even your sour outlook on life, has made you a poor candidate for Padawan. Your trainer, Master Vrook, as much as told you to give up and take up another trade every day you met him for your daily training sessions. You were thrilled when you were approached about a transfer to a new academy, a different kind of Jedi training institution, far from Dantooine. When the transport arrived, it took you into orbit, toward a massive retrofitted Mandalorian cruiser, the Broadsword.

Though you expected the Broadsword to take you to the new Jedi academy, you discovered that you had already arrived. The ship was the academy. It was a last chance to make a case for your potential as a Padawan and eventually as a Jedi Knight. As you soon discovered, it was essentially a Jedi equivalent of a reform school. Everyone here, every student in the Broadsword, was in the same situation as you. This was your last chance to prove yourselves.

Your early experiences on the Broadsword were surprisingly good in comparison with the rest of your life. You befriended another student, Daken Rao, and got to learn from some of the most talented and committed Jedi in the galaxy. You formed a particularly strong bond with Master Sas’k, the Verpine Jedi Master who taught astrogation and space combat tactics. During one of his classes, in the Roche Asteroids, you and several of your fellow Padawan-hopefuls encountered a strange, ancient probe droid of unknown origins. The droid attacked your ships and, when it deemed its escape to be impossible, it sent some sort of a strange transmission and self destructed. In the explosion, one of your fellow students, Bandon Dast, suffered heavy injuries.

Upon your return to the Broadsword, you discovered that two of the other students were no longer there. One had been expelled while the other had taken his leave on his own. Bandon was hospitalized and, due to your lightning-emission problems, you were even further isolated from the others. Then, it was discovered that one of the students, Ven Jagt, was a Mandalorian. He made a hasty escape and apparently was killed during the attempt, but it was revealed soon thereafter that his death was a ruse designed to give him ample time to get away. You were upset, given your history with the Mandos, and you took your concerns to Master Sas’k. Sas’k explained that the headmaster had a strong feeling that Jagt was hiding his dark past, but felt it too important to let the young man prove himself beyond the legacy of his forebears. The way Sas’k explained Ven Jagt’s situation calmed you down tremendously. After all, a dark legacy is something you had quite in common. However, where Ven failed, you were determined to succeed.

While following a lead on the ancient droid, you and three other students (Carissa Onasi, Daken Rao, and Bandon Dast) were captured by a rogue pirate, Sevanna Riis, who intended to ransom you back to the headmaster of the Broadsword. You and the others were tortured and tormented, your connection to the Force dulled via injections of a noxious narcotic by Riis’s droid crew members. Eventually, Riis heard back from the headmaster, playing Master Ko’Dora Vadis’s reply for all of you to hear. The headmaster said that the four of you had failed for the last time, that you were expelled, and not worth any sum of a bounty. When Riis emphasized her threat to kill you if the Jedi didn’t pay, pressing the barrel of a blaster to Carissa’s head, Master Vadis told her that she could do whatever she wanted with the failures, cutting off the transmission.

Riis seemed genuinely upset, but somehow satisfied with the looks on your faces nonetheless. She was about to kill Carissa, despite Bandon’s best efforts to get her to take him first, when suddenly the ship was attacked by an unknown outside force. You were rescued by an unlikely group, the Sith, led by Master Uthar Wynn. Master Uthar brought you aboard his ship, along with your fellow students, had your wounds treated, and offered you his counsel regarding your futures. He said that he was willing to drop you off on Nar Shadaa, which was en route to their next destination, if you were interested in parting company. However, he told Bandon that his former master-to-be, Malak, had felt Bandon’s presence and dispatched Uthar to collect him. Uthar explained to you, Bandon, Daken, and Carissa that the Jedi had grown to insular and ineffective as guardians of the galaxy, as evidenced by their fear of the Mandalorians. Only the Revanchists had the courage to defend the Republic and kill the Mandalore.

You mentioned to Uthar that you, too, were a Revanchist, and he exclaimed that yours would be a hero’s welcome. He said that Malak would remember you right away, and like Bandon, insist that you be given a position of power at his side. Uthar offered you all a place of honor as students at the Sith Academy on Korriban, where he was headmaster. He said the choice was yours, and left you to discuss your options.

You and Daken were hesitant to make any rash decisions, though you harbored no ill will toward Carissa or Bandon for making the decision to remain with Master Uthar and join the Sith. As the Sith dropped you and Daken off on Nar Shadaa, Master Wynn gave you a locator beacon that, when activated, would send him a signal noting that the two of you changed your mind and decided to join the Sith after all. Neither you nor Daken wanted to make any major decisions right away, so you decided to find a place to stay on Nar Shadaa for a few days and think things over.

Unfortunately, some of the local speederbike gangs had other ideas for the two of you, and you were forced to defend yourselves against the local street toughs. Eventually, you made your way into the workshop and gear depot of a local merchant, from whom you inquired about work and, using the Force to influence his pliability, gained a few credits and a new (relatively) droid. Then, however, the street gang bust down the doors of the shop and killed the shopkeeper. You and Daken managed to escape by breaking into the shopkeeper’s back room and hotwiring his racing swoop. There was a chase, and plenty of property damage, and the local authorities became involved.

Suddenly, a Jedi transport came to your aid, piloted by Headmaster Ko’Dora Vadis herself, whom you thought to have deserted you upon your capture by the pirate Sevanna Riis. It was at this time when the Sith plot to turn you and Daken to the Dark Side was revealed in full. The Riis was working for the Sith. Your capture, the “ransom” demand, the message from the headmaster, all faked so that the Sith could swoop in and rescue you. Upon examining the locator beacon given to Daken by Uthar Wynn, Master Vadis discovers that the device is actually a low-yield thermal detonator, just powerful enough to destroy the user and anyone else within ten meters of them.

Vadis was concerned for Master Sas’k, who had been apparently killed during your capture by Riis. In earnest, you, Daken, and Vadis flanked by Repubic soldiers and the rest of the Jedi instructors from the Broadsword, stormed Riis’s ship. You discovered the truth of Master Vadis’s words. Riis, who was plainly killed by Uthar Wynn when he “rescued” you, was alive, well, and counting her credit chips as you stormed into her ship and laid waste to her droid crew. Sask’ it turns out, was alive after all. His head was severed from his body, but he had already grown a new one, recovering his lightsaber and joining you in the fight.

Riis was captured, and you returned to the Broadsword victorious. It was a bittersweet victory, however. Of the original eleven Students of the Force at the Broadsword Academy, only two successfully graduated. You were taken as a Padawan learner of Master Sas’k while Daken became Headmaster Ko’Dora Vadis’s Padawan. You learned about each other’s backgrounds more fully at this time, and realized why the two of you seemed to have such a common bond with one another. You were both children of powerful Sith Lords. You were the son of Sazha Rand, and Daken was the illegitimate son of Exar Kun.

So it was that you, Erall Rand, and your friend, Daken Rao-Kun, became the freshman graduating class of the Broadsword. The headmaster revealed that the academy would now be turned over to Master Atris, and that you and Daken would remain as Upper Classmen, guiding the new students through their studies while taking Jedi Order missions as they come, under the watchful tutelage of Master Sas’k and Master Vadis.

You were en route to meet the first arrivals, a class of 47 new students from all over the galaxy, when suddenly a massive fleet of Sith warships came out of hyperspace and opened fire on the Broadsword. In the initial volley of laser cannon fire, a hypermatter containment canister a meter away from you ruptured and exploded, sending you hurtling through the corridor and scorching your body from head to toe. You were barely conscious during the next few hours, but you know that if it were not for the valiant efforts of Daken Rao and his master, you would not have survived.

It has been a month since the start of the Jedi Civil War, and for most of that month you have floated suspended in a Kolto tank, enduring hundreds of surgical procedures involving experimental skin grafts, cloned organs, and cybernetic body armament. All that time, the entire month, Master Sas’k has been there, laughing with you, crying with you, hearing your frustrations and understanding your pain. Today, Daken arrived here on Kamino to bear witness to your emergence into your new life.

Sossaria, the Kaminoan surgeon who had overseen your recovery, believes that given time, they may be able to replace the majority of your damaged systems with cloned replacements, enabling you to life a normal life again. For now, however, your body is heavily radioactive and superheated, and you have to wear a containment suit to keep from irradiating those around you. Master Sas’k believes you may be able to learn to control your radiation through the Force, even using it to your advantage when circumstances call for it.


Erall Rand

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