Master Ko’Dora Vadis


Template Type: Jedi Master
Character Name: Ko’Dora Vadis
Player Name: NPC
Species: Falleen
Sex: Female
Age: 60
Height: 1.6 m
Weight: 50 kg
Physical Description: A modest yet radiant beauty, Ko’Dora is a Falleen female with pale green/gray skin with long, shimmering locks of dark blue hair. She always seems to have the faintest knowing smile and a glimmer of mischief in her eyes. She wears a skin-tight peach-colored Arkanian silk hooded gown. She carries an orange bladed lightsaber.
Personality: Wise, graceful, and intuitive. Ko’Dora is known for her patience and poise. When she enters a room, most eyes, male and female, drift toward her. She has a way of calming even the most tormented soul with a few gently spoken words, a soft touch, and a warm, caring smile. She is not known to ever display much of a temper, and even under the most stressful of situations, she is calm and in control of herself.
Objectives: To follow the example of her old master, Arca Jeth. To prove that not all who fall to the Dark Side are lost, as in the case of her old friend, Ulic Qel-Droma.
A Quote: “We are more than what we see in the mirror, and more still than what the mirror sees in us.”
Connection With Other Characters: Former friend of Ulic Qel-Droma, Former Padawan of Master Arca Jeth. Former Headmaster of the Broadsword. Current Master of Padawan Daken Rao-Kun.

Ko’Dora was born on Arkania over 60 standard years ago. She was left as an infant orphan on the doorstep of the Jedi Praxium that had recently been built on Arkania. Within the infant Ko’Dora’s swaddling blanket was a datachip, a green lightsaber crystal, and a vial of Ko’Dora’s father’s blood. Master Arca Jeth, founder of the Jedi Praxeum on Arkania, took the child in and arranged for her to be raised by the Jedi as a Force Sensitive Youngling.

The blood of Ko’Dora’s father confirmed that she had a strong family heritage of Force sensitivity. The lightsaber crystal confirmed that Jedi training was in the family as well. On the datachip was a message from the infant’s guardian, an unnamed Falleen whose lover was Ko’Dora’s mother. The message clearly stated that Ko’Dora’s mother, who also went unnamed, went mad from post-partum depression and turned to the Dark Side of the Force as a result. She tried to kill her own infant child, but her lover managed to subdue her and fled here, to Arkania, to deliver the child into arms that could protect her.

Ko’Dora was raised among the younglings at the Praxeum, learning the lessons all Jedi learn at that age. The circumstances of her arrival at the Praxeum were hidden from her, as Arca Jeth believed they would have been too powerful a distraction to her studies. Ko’Dora had many friends among the Jedi, which had largely to do with her unwitting use of Falleen pheromones to influence others into liking her. Arca Jeth taught her from a young age to use the Force, rather than her natural pheromones, to gain friends and influence others.

When Ko’Dora was 19 years old, she was taken by Arca Jeth as one of his Padawan Learners. Jeth had recently received several students for personal study directly under him, including recent Alderaani arrivals Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma. Ko’Dora struck up a friendship with Ulic and several of the other students, including Barrison Draay, Krynda Hulis, Nomi Sunrider, and Tott Doneeta. However, within a little more than a year of study with Arca Jeth as her Master, Ko’Dora was suddenly and surprisingly offered the opportunity to take the Jedi Trials of Knighthood on Coruscant. With Arca’s blessing and the best wishes of Ulic, whom she had grown quite close to, Ko’Dora left Arkania and went to complete her trials in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Not long after earning her knighthood, Ko’Dora learned that her old master Arca Jeth died during the Krath Uprising on Deneba. Ko’Dora’s duties kept her from leaving Coruscant to be with her friends, but she felt Ulic Qel-Droma’s pain through the Force and, as best as she could, she reached out through the Force to comfort him.

Then, the Exar Kun War would claim the lives of many of her friends. However, the council kept her in the temple, working in the Archives rather than involving her in the war itself. She discovered that due to Exar Kun’s use of deceptive charisma to lure Jedi away from the Light, and due to her particular pheromonal gifts, she would make an enticing prize for Kun’s Brotherhood of the Sith. Ko’Dora was quietly reassigned to the Jedi Temple over the Crystal Caves of Illum. Ko’Dora was, by order of the Jedi Council, silent for the duration of her tenure at Illum. Though she longed to know of the fate of Ulic, Nomi, Barrison and the others, Ko’Dora was a steadfast believer in the wisdom of the Jedi Order and the High Council.

Five years after her vow of silence and contemplation within the Crystal Caves, Ko’Dora was summoned to appear at the Conclave on Exis Station, where Nomi Sunrider was just named Head of the Order. Nomi enlisted Ko’Dora’s services as a scout and recruiter, seeking out untrained Force Sensitives and bringing them to learn at the Jedi Academy on Dantooine. Ko’Dora reconnected with Nomi, learning of the fate of Ulic, Nomi’s former lover. Ulic slew his own brother, Cay Qel-Droma, in lightsaber combat on Ossus. Nomi used a rare Jedi power, one she learned from their former master Arca Jeth, that allowed a Jedi to effectively sever a person’s connection to the Force, exiling them forever.

Ulic, now free from the Dark Side’s influence, was heartbroken over what he had done as Exar Kun’s apprentice. He agreed to aid the Jedi in locating Exar Kun, and due largely to the intelligence he offered Nomi, the Jedi Order ended Kun’s threat on Yavin IV. Ulic was now a convicted war criminal, but due to his exile from the Force, he was allowed to leave on his own recognizance. This frustrated some of the other Jedi, as they believed justice could not be served by letting the man who murdered so many of their own go free. Ko’Dora thereafter left the Conclave to conduct her new mission, the acquisition of new Jedi recruits. However, she secretly hoped that her travels would bring her to Rhen Var, the chosen refuge of Ulic Qel-Droma.

Eventually, Ko’Dora made it to Rhen Var, finding Ulic on the frozen world, contemplating his life, and considering ending it. Ko’Dora spoke with her old friend and, because she was shielded from so much of what Ulic had done, she was able to look into his eyes as she had when they were both young and pure. Ulic was prepared to throw himself from the peak of a frigid mountain, unable to cope with the evil deeds he had wrought as a slave to the Dark Side of the Force. Ko’Dora, as always, was a comforting presence. She told Ulic of her belief that there was no such thing as an irredeemable act. There was no way to undo any deed, either good or bad. Ko’Dora told Ulic that, in his heart, he knew that redemption was awaiting him. He had to have the courage to seek it out. He owed it to Arca Jeth, to Nomi Sunrider, to his brother Cay, and to himself. Ulic cried in Ko’Dora’s arms and said he was sorry. He promised to do whatever was still within his power to redeem himself and become a servant of the Light once more. He pressed a rare and beautiful Solari Crystal into Ko’Dora’s hand and thanked her for saving his life.

Ko’Dora left Ulic a different man than she had found him. It saddened her to hear of his fate only a few short months later: shot in the back by a fame-hunting vigilante. Ko’Dora met with Nomi and her daughter, Vima, who had been studying the nature of the Force under Ulic when he was assassinated. Vima said that Ulic mentioned Ko’Dora’s visit, and he often worked her words into his lessons about life, love, sacrifice, and the Force. The three women laughed, cried, and committed to one another never to give in to despair, and to always look for the Light, even in the blackest Darkness.

Ko’Dora was invited to become a member of the Jedi High Council, and she accepted. She sat in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for nearly a decade until the Mandalorian War began. A young Jedi Knight appeared to appeal to the council for Jedi intervention on behalf of the Republic. Ko’Dora felt that the Jedi had called upon the Republic for aid many times over, and as guardians of galactic peace, it was an appropriate request. However, she was outvoted by the Council, and the young knight’s appeal was denied. The knight approached Ko’Dora and a few of the other like-minded Jedi Masters, asking them to reconsider and join the war effort, despite the outcome of the vote. A few of the masters agreed with the knight and joined his Revanchist cause, but Ko’Dora was ever faithful to the wisdom of the council, and refused to disregard the vote.

One of the Jedi Masters who voted against joining the war effort, Master Atris, praised Ko’Dora’s commitment to the council, despite her personal belief that the Revanchist’s goal was noble and valid. Atris expressed concern that some of the other dissenting council members chose to disregard the vote and join the Revanchists anyway. Ko’Dora remained with the High Council until the end of the Mandalorian War, after the Battle of Malachor V. One of the exiting council members had returned from the war. Atris was particularly fond of this Jedi, and so she was quite upset that this particular Jedi Master abandoned the council in favor of Revan’s movement.

Ko’Dora believed that Atris should recuse herself from the returning Jedi’s trial, as she was too emotionally invested in the verdict. Despite being cautioned to remain mindful of her feelings, Atris insisted on participating in the trial. Ko’Dora, being emotionally invested in Atris, as one of her best friends, recused herself from the proceedings. Atris was upset, asking why Ko’Dora wouldn’t help her ensure that this Jedi received the justice she deserved. Ko’Dora said that she would feel an obligation, out of her feelings of friendship for Atris, to render a biased vote against the Jedi. She reminded Atris that, when the council voted on Revan’s appeal, Ko’Dora was in favor of joining the war. Ko’Dora watched, rendering no vote, as the council decided to exile the Jedi. It was like Ko’Dora was witnessing Ulic’s fate all over again.

After the vote, another measure was brought to a vote. This measure was to either approve or disapprove of a planned Jedi Academy built aboard a massive converted Mandalorian war cruiser. Atris immediately expressed her opinion that Jedi training methods had grown too lax, allowing too many students per master, and accepting students far too old to begin their training. Ko’Dora stood in favor of just the opposite, saying that a mobile academy that offered more hands-on real-world experience might make the difference. Atris argued in favor of a cloistered environment with only a few students selected at a very young age. Ko’Dora accepted Atris’s argument as a challenge.

Ko’Dora offered to step down from the Jedi High Council and head up the new Broadsword Academy. She asked that a dozen students be sent as the first class, comprised of those candidates considered unlikely to achieve Knighthood for one reason or another. If she managed to make just one good Jedi out of the entire class, the Broadsword would be considered a success, and it would become a full Jedi Academy. Atris, invigorated by the challenge, said that if Ko’Dora succeeded in this venture, she, too, would step down from the High Council and become an instructor in the academy. The two parted company, still close friends, and Ko’Dora began her new life as Headmaster of the Broadsword Academy.

Master Ko’Dora Vadis

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