Master Sas'k

He has friends in places high and low. His devotion to the Living Force is nearly as potent as his devotion to his friends. He cares a great deal for someone with cold blood.


Template Type: Jedi Master
Character Name: Ak’Nayahd Sas’k
Player Name: NPC
Species: Verpine
Sex: Hermaphrodite (Male personality)
Age: 44
Height: 1.7 m
Weight: 25 kg
Physical Description: As a Verpine, Sas’k has a leaf-green carapace and large compound eyes. He is a bit shorter than most Verpine, but his stature has made him better suited to starfighter piloting. He wears a light suit of sleeveless, durable ceramic armor. His head is a slightly brighter shade of green than the rest of his body, having regrown it after being decapitated in combat recently. He has also recently built a new curved-hilt lightsaber with a Viridian Crystal that produces a silvery-green blade.
Personality: Quirky and soft-spoken, yet capable of moments of intensity when the need arises. Sas’k is a believer in the Living Force, and as such he seems to have a special reverence for all life. He is as likely to feel the pain of a crushed flower as he is anything else. He is very sensitive and contemplative, but because of his lack of natural articulation in Basic, he struggles to convey some of his philosophies and concepts of the Force. He has a lot of nervous energy and displays emotional changes by fidgeting with his mandibles and hands.
Objectives: To achieve Oneness with the Force, perfect serenity and balance, as a result of his deeds as a servant of the Light. To do whatever is in his power to restore his Padawan to his natural physiological state, even at great expense and personal sacrifice.
A Quote: “To feel the spin of the galaxy, to feel it move through the universe, and to be comforted by the motion of all things, of all life. That is the doorway to the Living Force.”
Connection With Other Characters: Former Korpil Techworks engineer, Current Astrogation and Space Combat Tactics instructor of the Broadsword Academy. Current Master of Padawan Erall Rand.

Sas’k was brought to the Jedi Council on Ossus as a young child and taken as a Padawan Learner of Jedi Master Ezriq Vos. During the Brotherhood of Sith’s attack on Ossus, Master Vos sent Sas’k away to Dantooine on an important mission. He carried with him the Tedryn Holocron, a Jedi recording device that carried the wisdom and experiences of several Jedi past and present. Most recently, Master Vodo Siosk Baas had made an imprint on the device, but sensing that Ossus was no longer a safe place for it, Master Baas entrusted the precious holocron with Master Vos, who, in turn, entrusted it to young Sas’k.

Ossus was devastated as a result of Aleema Keto using the Dark Side of the Force to cause a star in the Cron Cluster to go supernova. Something about the way Master Vos said goodbye to young Sas’k told him that this would be the last time they would speak. On a hunch, however, Sas’k took it upon himself to access the holocron. There was a small imprint, a few hastily recorded words of encouragement, from Ezriq Vos. He told Sas’k to seek out Master Vandar Tokare on Dantooine and pass on Vos’s request to take Sas’k as his Padawan. He also asked forgiveness, for he had long kept secret a wife and family he had on Dantooine. He asked that the Order look after them, because he foresaw that he would not have the opportunity to do so.

Sas’k’s transport was intercepted by a Krath Battlecruiser commanded by Sith Lord Sazha Rand. Sas’k managed to use his affinity for reading comlink frequencies to successfully hide when Lord Rand sent his Krath soldiers onto the ship. Sas’k listened in on their transmissions and thus knew where they were all heading, and how to locate them. He used a Jedi Mind Trick to convince a Krath guard to leave his transport captain’s cell door unguarded. He replicated the guard’s voice to activate a vocal imprint lock on the door, freeing the captain and several others.

Even as a child, he had the presence of mind to cover their escape as thoroughly as possible. He set his lightsaber on top of a Peragian fuel tank with the beam emitter facing an electical conduit. He set off an alarm in the room and made sure he could be seen on the security camera, using the Force to rip it from the wall and calling Lord Rand out. He then smashed the camera and crawled into the ventilation ductwork. As Rand and several others came into the room, Sas’k used the Force to activate his lightsaber, shorting the electrical conduit and igniting the fuel tank. He hurried through the ductwork and dropped into the docking bay, rushing toward his shuttle when he felt the sting of Force Lightning tearing through his back.

A burned, furious Sazha Rand ignited a crackling red-bladed lightsaber and dove toward him. Sas’k scrambled to his feet and Force leapt into the air, narrowly avoiding being cut in half. Rand poured more Force Lightning into the air after him, but Sas’k was hanging from the ship’s water supply line, and the lightning tore into the line, dousing (and electrocuting) Lord Rand with his own lightning. Sas’k landed as Rand recovered, his lightsaber shorted out from the jolt of electricity. Sas’k, thinking fast, used the Force to pull one of the Krath soldier’s blasters from its holster, shooting Lord Rand in the chest, setting the blaster’s energy supply to overload, and hurling it at Rand’s fallen body before leaping into the shuttle, which had just begun to take off.

He could see Rand using the Force to shield himself from the blaster’s explosion, but he also saw the burning hole in the Sith Lord’s chest armor, and the burning rage in his face. One of the Republic soldiers Sas’k rescued, a young Zabrak trooper named Xan, befriended Sas’k during the remainder of the journey to Dantooine. As Sas’k was about to depart, Xan told the young Verpine Jedi that the next time they met, he owed him a favor.

A few days later, Sas’k arrived on Dantooine, successfully delivering the Tedryn Holocron to the Jedi Council there before asking for leave to visit his master’s family and deliver the news of his death. Sas’k became good friends with Waelyn Vos, his former master’s son. It is a friendship that survives to this day.

Sas’k grew to become a great Jedi Knight. His greatest skill was definitely behind the cockpit, where his fast reflexes and instinctual maneuvers earned him high praise among the Republic Navy and the Jedi alike. Two good friends of his were a pair of human Jedi Knights named Alek Squinquargesimus and Revan. Sas’k taught Alek and Revan how to perform a risky starfighter combat maneuver called the Clawbird’s Cross, which called upon the Jedi pilot to drop into a dive, then use the Force to flip the tail underneath the ship, bringing the nose up to face a pursuer just in time to blast away with forward laser cannons and hit the maneuvering thrusters. In all his time piloting, Revan was the only human pilot with the raw talent for pulling the maneuver off.

Sas’k was called to Coruscant by Master Ko’Dora Vadis, a member of the High Council who had heard of Sas’k’s heroics in saving the Tedryn Holocron from destruction. Revan and Alek accompanied him to Coruscant and, while he was there, Revan had a disturbing and powerful vision. He said that he saw a great threat to the Republic. He foresaw an army of Mandalorians marching on Coruscant. He saw chaos and death left long in their path from the Outer Rim. The Jedi High Council cautioned Revan not to place too much stock in the vision, as none of them shared it. Besides, the Mandalorians were quiet since the fall of Exar Kun, and they could never pose a serious threat of sedition.

Sas’k was honored with the title of Jedi Master and offered a position on Coruscant as an instructor in the Jedi Academy there. He accepted the offer on the condition that Revan and Alek be allowed to investigate Revan’s vision further. Revan thanked Sas’k, but Sas’k told his friend in no uncertain terms that his loyalties were to the Jedi Council. If, after checking on his vision, the council still voted against taking any action against the Mandalorians, Sas’k would be obliged to follow their lead. Revan said that he hoped his vision did turn out to be wrong, and thanked Sas’k for remembering his Jedi Knight friends now that he has become a Master.

Less than a year later, the Mandalorian Wars began. Revan brought his findings to the attention of the Jedi High Council, but they continued to deny Revan’s request for a Jedi intervention on the Republic’s behalf. Revan kept trying to reason with the council, but every time, the council refused to relent. Master Atris called his persistence unnerving and accused Revan of actually wanting to cause the needless deaths of more Jedi. Sas’k and several others stood up for Revan, defending his honor and his right to protest the decision of the council. However, when Revan approached Sas’k about joining his Revanchist movement, a group of Jedi devoted to retaking territory lost to the Mandalorians during the war, Sas’k reiterated that while he supported Revan’s right to protest, he disagreed with his blatant disregard for the council’s decision.

Revan sat in silence for over an hour in Sas’ks quarters on Coruscant. He told Sas’k that he believed there was someone pulling the strings of this war. He believed that the threat of the Mandalorians, if ignored, would bring ruin to the Republic and death to all his friends. He didn’t expect Sas’k to agree, but as a friend, he asked Sas’k to at least understand why he was fighting. Sas’k told him that, no matter what, he would understand.

Of course, in the future, Sas’k would be proven wrong about that.

After the end of the Mandalorian War, Sas’k was summoned by former High Council member Ko’Dora Vadis. She wanted Sas’k to become the official Astrogation and Space Combat Tactics instructor of the Broadsword Academy, an experimental mobile Jedi academy built within a massive, refitted Mandalorian cruiser. Sas’k jumped at the opportunity, staunchly believing in giving every Jedi hopeful a fighting chance to succeed.

The first class of the Broadsword was comprised of nine students chosen by the Jedi High Council and two chosen by Ko’Dora Vadis herself. The students were considered to have great potential, but their training thus far was either non-existent or so troubled that their continued training would be considered a waste of resources. This was a last chance for these students to become Jedi.

The Academy saw its student body fall in number dramatically over the course of seven months. Sas’k formed a special bond with one particular student, Erall Diggs, who would later be revealed to be the son of Sazha Rand, the Sith Lord whom Sas’k had fought twenty years earlier. Sas’k advocated taking Erall as his Padawan regardless of his completion of the coursework on the Broadsword. Ko’Dora Vadis, who had formed a similar attachment to Daken Rao, cautioned that the students’ successes and failures must be measured based on their own merits, otherwise the Broadsword experiment would be considered a failure.

While on a flight drill in the Roche Asteroids, Sas’k’s native home, the Broadsword Squadron encountered an ancient probe droid of unknown origin. When the students attempted to investigate, the droid opened fire on them and began to flee. After it became apparent to the droid that there would be no escape, the droid self-destructed. Several of the students sustained injuries, including Bandon Dast, one of the students considered most likely to succeed in graduating the Broadsword Academy.

Ko’Dora Vadis held a communication with the Jedi High Council, asking for permission to head up an investigation of the probe droid. While Master Atris was in favor of her idea, the rest of the council voted against the action. Officially, there would be no Jedi investigation of the probe droid. Sas’k decided, after two decades, to call in a favor from his friend Xan. Xan, the Republic trooper whose life Sas’k saved during the escape from Sazha Rand’s Krath Warcruiser, was now a bounty hunter of some repute. Sas’k said that if they could not investigate officially, then he would chalk it up to a field trip.

Xan came immediately when Sas’k called, and it turned out that he was “in the neighborhood anyway.” His ship, the Rook, had advanced scanning and communications decryption abilities. He was able to trace the communications between the destroyed probe droid and another located further into the asteroid field. Sas’k selected three students to accompany him on the field trip: Erall Diggs, Daken Rao, and Carissa Onasi. A fourth student, Bandon Dast, who was still quite injured from the probe droid’s attack, insisted on accompanying the group as well. Admiring his tenacity, Sas’k agreed.

During the mission, they discovered a crashed Republic Hammerhead Cruiser on a massive continent-sized asteroid. There was a latent signal coming from within the cruiser, as Sas’k could feel it through his antennae. He led the students and Xan into the crashed ship, where they discovered all the crew aboard were killed in a droid insurrection. The insurrection was caused by another ancient probe droid, just like the one they fought in the belt, that was discovered by this cruiser and brought aboard for further study. The droid apparently overloaded the ship’s engine core, sealed all the blast doors, and activated all the Sentinel War Droids on board with orders to treat all organics as hostile.

Sas’k and the others went further into the ship, seeking the Aft Cargo Bay, where they hoped to find the probe droid and determine its source and purpose. They battled wave after wave of droids on the way, eventually coming to the blast door leading to the exposed engine room. All the students and Xan donned space suits. Sas’k did not require one. The students had no idea that Verpine could survive in space with a simple oxygen supply line. The trek through the engine room had to be made by dragging themselves slowly along the walls of the room in order to avoid floating off into deep space.

Halfway to the cargo bay airlock, more droids attacked. Xan and Carissa Onasi were nearly ejected into deep space, but suddenly, in a panicked display of hidden power, Erall Diggs used Force Lightning to fry all the droids and save them. Afterward, Erall nearly fainted. Sas’k, knowing Erall’s relationship to Sazha Rand, comforted the young man and said they would discuss this later. They eventually found the probe droid, but in attempting to access it, the droid realized it was being tampered with and it engaged the ship’s self destruct protocols.

The escape was particularly exciting due to the fact that an Exogorth (space slug) swallowed the Republic cruiser whole just as they broke away in the Rook. The explosion of the ship tore the head right off the space slug’s body just as Xan hit the power thrusters and got them away from the enormous creature.


Master Sas'k

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